Apple publish official workaround for text message bug

Earlier this week we reported on the fact that you could reset an iPhone and generally annoy the owner by sending them a simple text message. The workaround, as we mentioned then, is to get Siri to respond to the text, or you can turn off message notifications.
Apple publish official workaround for text message bug

A fix is on the way, but until then you can read the Apple workaround on their support site, which is basically this..

– Ask Siri to “read unread messages.”
– Use Siri to reply to the message. After you reply, you’ll be able to open Messages again.
– In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread.

We’ll let you know when a proper fix has arrived, as at the moment you’ll need to do this each time it happens unless you disable notifications.

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