Galaxy S6 touring Madrid

There are many new phones on sale now with fantastic cameras built in, but are these modern smartphones good enough to replace a standalone camera when going on holiday?

The gap has got smaller and smaller as each manufacturer brings out their latest and greatest, and in my view we have reached the moment where we can leave the camera at home.

Three kindly hooked me up with a Samsung Galaxy S6 to take with me, and as a Three customer I benefited by their Feel at Home roaming package.

This allowed me to use my phone just as if I was back home. I could use my inclusive calls, texts and data for no additional cost.

Three are promoting this service as #holidayspam and there are loads of examples already online from other customers.

All set with my SIM and device it was time to tackle Madrid for the next 4 days, taking photos left right and centre to share with everyone.

Below is a gallery of the images of which are all unedited and taken right off the camera with no touch ups.

Galaxy S6 touring Madrid

I was honestly blown away with the S6 camera for this holiday, the photos taken came out bright, clear and full of detail.

Low light photos in the evening were especially amazing as this is an area a lot of other devices struggle with.

If you are planning a holiday and don’t fancy taking a big heavy camera around with you, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an ideal companion for your imaging needs.

I would have no hesitation in using the S6 as my everyday camera device.

A big thank to Three who loaned me the S6 to take away, for more information on Feel at Home and #holidayspam click the links.