Look, I’ve gone slightly insane and installed Windows XP on my watch

Look, Ive gone slightly insane and installed Windows XP on my watch
I’m not totally sure who this guy is, but he’s done something a bit mad. The video below is all you need to watch really, and I’m merely here to pad out this article in the vein hope that it’ll get 0.001% of the Google Juice that those typical “click bait” articles get on the Daily Mail or some trashy tech website that just regurgitates our articles in a slightly different format. Gotta love the internet.

Anyways, after you’ve got past the irritating “Hi guys” bit, this is Windows XP running on Android Wear. Sure, Dave says this is cool and yes, there’s a tiny voice somewhere in the back of my head telling me it’s a little bit cool, but the rest of my brain is wondering just how much of his life he’s wasted getting this to work instead of actually going outside and meeting real people. Y’know. Socialising and stuff. Crazy.

There you have it. A completely unusable version of Windows XP on your watch. Yes, it’s great to see a desktop operating system on your watch, but at the same time you’ve got to wonder whether he could’ve used his time better by simply going to the local pub and getting totally drunk. In my opinion, that’s a much better use of my spare time.