A look at Beamz – A Musical Instrument for Everyone

Playing a musical instrument can be a fantastic creative activity and a fun pastime, but the level of skill required can make it non-inclusive.

A look at Beamz   A Musical Instrument for Everyone

Easy Interactive Music

Enter Beamz, a smart laser beam driven MIDI device that connects to your PC or iOS device to provide a simple & interactive way to produce professional sounding music. It certainly caught the eye at The Gadget Show Live.

Beamz is designed to be used in conjunction with an accompanying laser harp, which features 4 class 2 lasers, each beam associated with a different instrument.
To play an instrument you simply break the laser beam with your finger and the sound is played through the app.

Whilst you can’t directly control the pitch of a note, the app interprets how you break the laser beam and alters the playback accordingly, keeping your finger in the beam may trigger an extended instrumental sequence, whilst a quick flick of your finger may trigger a single note.

Choosing a song automatically programs a bank of sounds into each laser string and also provides an appropriate backing rhythm to play along to and whilst an element of skill is still required the requirement for music notation is removed, it opens up the ability to play professional sounding music to everyone.

As the video below shows in the right hands Beamz with the laser harp can produce some impressive results.

The Beamz app is simple to use, and allows you to record the tracks that you create. It also provides access to the Beamz store where you can purchase additional tracks including some (in)famous names alongside well known hits.

A look at Beamz   A Musical Instrument for Everyone

Music made Simple

The App also provides an onscreen software version of the Beamz hardware, although this method of input provides only a fraction of the intuitive control of the laser harp and is actually very fiddly.

Beamz provides a tool for everyone to make music, and so in addition to being used in the home, Beamz has found a natural market in schools and therapy centres, but if you are thinking of using Beamz then make sure you also invest in the hardware for the best possible Jean Michel Jarre  experience.

For more Information on Beamz check out their website at http://www.thebeamz.com/