Speedy Pong – Relive the 80’s on the bus!

I don’t often plug apps that much because, for reasons best known to developers, we get about 10 “auto submitted” emails every day in an incomprehensible format which tells us nothing about the app or what makes it great. Gianluca, on the other hand, emailed me directly with a nice missive as follows..

Hi, my name is Gianluca.

I have developed Speedy Pong. The rules are very simple + 2 points every time you take the ball + 6 points every time the opponent loses – 10 points Multiplied by the number of times you lose.

The graphics of the game are minimalist with an intuitive interface. The game is free and available to download now.

Speedy Pong   Relive the 80s on the bus!

See, I like that. He’s developed it himself and is emailing me directly with a succinct but descriptive email. I can work with that.

First, a bit of history. Back in the 1980’s, when everything was black and white and we had big fat televisions that took 4 people to lift, we played “Pong”. I wasn’t even born in the 80’s of course (ahem) but strangely I do vividly remember setting up an Atari console like this whilst listening to the latest hit from a band called Adam & The Ants..

Speedy Pong   Relive the 80s on the bus!

What I basically did (even though I wasn’t born) was to plug it into a 14″ portable black and white TV (you kids are all spoiled now with your “colour” shenanigans) and then tune the VHF knob around until I found the fuzzy low-tech graphics that made up our laughably-titled “video games console”. Flick a switch, wait for the valves to warm up and bingo – you were playing a very basic version of tennis, complete with “bleep” and “bloop” noises. Retro man. Retro.

Speedy Pong   Relive the 80s on the bus!

I could at this point go on about having to wait 10 minutes for games to load when I replaced this with a ZX Spectrum. You kids don’t know you’re born. Opps.. sorry. Fell out of my wheelchair.

So here’s a slightly more modern version in the shape Speedy Pong. Download it. Play it.

There. Have I sold it? What? Those Pong consoles are from the 1970’s???? Get f..