The Apple Watch. What’s it like to wear £12,000 ?

Arriving for a meeting in London later in the day I had already decided to visit the Apple store in Regent St.

However this was for no ordinary everyday browse, this time it was to try on their new VERY limited ‘Edition’ Watch.

This starts at £8,000 for a 38mm watch with a sports band. The reason for the high price tag is the 18 carat gold materials used in not only the fram, but the strap too.

The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?

Arriving at the store I was greeted by a member of the team. I provided my reservation details to see the new Edition watch. I was directed up the stairs to a special area exclusively reserved for viewing and trying on the new Apple Watch. As I got there two other people also trying the watch on with other staff. I was a little early so was shown a seat and asked my name to be checked against their system.

As you would expect for something of this value, security is tight and the person you are sitting with stays with you the whole time whilst browsing the different watches via a screen.

Once you make a selection a security guard visits the safe and brings the device over to your table, only one device at a time is allowed.

Something Apple are very good at is the initial experience “out of the box”. The box itself arrives with the lid on, allowing you to ‘unbox’ and get that initial ‘WOW’ feeling.

The box is actually rather cool and features a built in magnetic charger. This means that it’ll charge when the box gets plugged inside the safe, but retail sales boxes will be different.

The model I went to try was the 42mm yellow gold with black leather strap. Total cost for this puppy? A cool £12,000.

The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?
The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?
The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?

After being given a demo on how the watch works (the demo units have a loop playing so not live software) I was asked if I wanted to try on any other versions.

I checked out the same model as above but with the dark blue strap, which was a little different, although black was my favourite.

I was also given the option to see the other two versions on sale to check out the different band types. The link one looks and feels gorgeous and the milanese loop a close second.

After these were tried on, I thanked the staff member for his time and was given a handshake and smile before leaving the store.

During my time in store I never felt rushed even though I had a timed appointment – this went quite a bit over 🙂

The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?

Also it was refreshing to be in a retail store and not have a staff members attitude change when I was not buying anything from them on the day.

Apple stores seem very laid back with purchasing procedures and the fact I left with no money or details for an order changing hands did not seem to impact the service given.

I also asked about the warranty situation as I was visiting America for two weeks in July so would I be covered if I needed help here. I was advised the warranty is worldwide so if I buy abroad I still get help here if needed, something worth considering is the AppleCare product will not work in this way.

AppleCare on the Watch is an insurance policy product according to the terms and is only valid in country of purchase.

Overall I really enjoyed my time in the store, the staff were friendly, the store was well laid out and the attention to detail key for them as a company.

The Apple Watch. Whats it like to wear £12,000 ?

Whilst I won’t be paying £12,000 for an Apple Watch, I was really impressed with the idea and will be getting a black Sport version when in America this July.

Whilst the Apple Watch is on sale now, delivery is not until June on most models so to get hands on one check your nearest Apple Store as they are all on display.