What is iFIT and Does it Work

There are a vast number of fitness products available on the market, each trying to stand out from the crowd with its own target audience.

I’ve tried a number of products in the past and had some success, but ultimately having to use a mix of ecosystems and apps made the process a little disjointed and ultimately after a few months I lost interest.

That’s why iFIT caught my attention, it’s been designed to be one complete ecosystem to meet all your fitness and wellbeing needs through subscription funded premium content.

Aiming to use your real world activity to provide the best possible experience and to achieve good results, iFIT uses connected technology, such as activity trackers, smartphone apps, electronic scales and exercise machines, to built up a complete picture about your day.
From monitoring your sleep patterns, to tracking you in the office to supporting you at home, iFIT will have plenty of qualified data to assist you in your challenge.

What is iFIT and Does it Work

IFIT Tracking in Action

There are also some clever supporting devices to help your wellbeing, connected food processors and aromatherapy vapour dispensers help provide an improved environment for your healthier lifestyle.

With the knowledge that IFIT collects it suggests personalised workout programmes, recommends recipes and offers suggestions on how you can adjust your lifestyle and reach your fitness goals.

The iFIT website provides a central hub for all your recording, allowing you to mark down your exercise and also track your calorie intake, but it also offers much more.
The website also provides a portal to a wealth of information including videos, recipes and a magazine style blog, iFIT aims to be more then a technology solution, it aims to be a one stop shop of support.

So that’s the theory but how well does it work in practice….to put iFIT to the test I’m going to put it through its paces for one month to see how well it works for me.

I’m hoping that this self contained ecosystem with tailored support package will help keep me engaged with the programme. I’ll feedback my results here.

I met up with iFIT at the Gadget Show Live 2015 where Vincent talked me through how the ecosystem fits together, the demonstration is shown below.