A Look at the Toast Wooden SmartPhone Cases

Following my visit to this years Gadget Show Live show, I’m going to share my views on those products that impressed me the most. As listeners to our podcast will be aware my favourite product came in the unexpected form of a smartphone case.

A Look at the Toast Wooden SmartPhone Cases

Traditionally I’ve always preferred a rugged, if boring, case to protect my phone should I drop it, but at the recent Gadget Show Live show I saw a phone case which really caught my eye – the All Wooden Case by Toast.

Made from real wood, Toast Cases are light weight and are cut with lasers to etch attractive designs into the case.
The effect is stunning and beautiful, while still offering an element of protection.

Wait I have to make it????

Unlike most phone cases, Toast Cases aren’t provided as a single unit but come in several pieces which you stick onto your phone.
Before you panic, assembly is easy and even this writer with his big clumsy fingers had no problem in attaching the case correctly, it just seemed to fall correctly in place.
I put this ease of fitting down to the precision laser cutting of the sections rather than just my extreme good luck.

Supplied in the case pack you get a back plate, stick on side plates and small tabs to cover hardware switches and buttons, all of which are made from wood.
To attach the plates you peel off the the back label to reveal a sticky surface, you then attach the plates directly to the phone.

To complete the wooden look of the phone and to add protection to the front of your device, front panels are also available which attach in the same way.

I was concerned about how well the Toast Case would work with the magnetic InstaLens clip on lens that I’ve started to use, but as you will see from the photos in this article, the magnetic ring fits fine to the case and even compliments its look.

A Look at the Toast Wooden SmartPhone Cases

Organic & Unique

As you are holding real wood, Toast cases provide a very natural, organic look and feel to your phone, also providing a feeling of luxury and with very reasonable pricing points (from approx £32 for a front and back set) the cases are good value as well.
I will however offer one word of caution, it is recommended that you remove any screen protectors before fitting a Toast case.

Given that each case is made from wood each may be unique, and the ability to order custom cases lets you further add a stamp of personality. In addition to wooden phone cases, Toast also provide leather phone cases as well cases for other devices.

Show Stealer

For me the Toast cases were the star product of Gadget Show Live 2015 and I wasn’t alone judging by the other responses I heard to the cases.

Yes you may lose a little of the protection that a more rugged case would provide but the blend of natural, organic, simplistic yet stylish properties has changed my view on what a phone case should be and that’s a step away from being functional towards being personal.

We met Matias from Toast at Gadget Show Live where he took the time to tell us about the his products.

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