LG announce the human-centric UX 4.0

Every year LG announce a new flagship device and to accompany that they redesign the software running atop of it. This year seems to be no different, in the run up to the LG G4 being announced LG have come out and shown us some of the new features of UX 4.0. The software which will no doubt sit on top of Android Lollipop.
LG announce the human centric UX 4.0
From the video they’ve published things look more material in style and they’ve tidied up and enhanced apps like the Calendar and the launcher.

Up until now, UX enhancements have generally focused on delivering greater convenience to all users. With the new LG UX 4.0, the focus shifts toward providing more optimized and intuitive convenience to each individual at every user level for optimal enjoyment of their LG device.

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what the LG G4 is, from a hardware and software perspective. At least now I have a vague idea about the software.

LG have made a brief video showing some of the new features.


Source – LG Newsroom

Fancy a press release about the software?