Fancy some slightly cheaper smart glasses?

I do get some very odd emails here at Coolsmartphone, and daily you’ll find an email from some random Chinese manufacturer sitting in my inbox. Usually these are to sell Bluetooth speakers, keyboards or GPS trackers. For some reason they think I’m a buyer for a UK store, not a writer for a website.
Fancy some slightly cheaper smart glasses?

Today it’s a bit different. A company called SBD Technology have sent me details of their take on Google Glass. The price varies depending on how many you purchase in one go, but as a rule of thumb it’s $55 for a sample.

Inside there’s a GPDV6610 CPU and it’ll connect to your phone over Bluetooth 4.0. You can film 720p HD video, snap photos and store them on the inbuilt 8GB memory card, although you can ramp that up to 64GB is you wish.
Fancy some slightly cheaper smart glasses?

Powdered by a 130 mAh battery, it also has something called a “doze reminder” which should warn you if you’re falling asleep at the wheel.

Voice or vibration alerts are also supported and they don’t look too bad either.

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