The Online Gaming Service OnLive is Shutting Down.

I’ve always been a fan of the OnLive service with its ability to stream cloud hosted PC games to mobile devices, computers and smart TVs. It seemed like a natural progression in gaming technology.

So it was with a little sadness that I heard that it was announced overnight that the Service will be closing on 30/04/15, with Sony acquiring key elements of the company.

The actual details of Sonys procurement and what plans they have for the technology is unknown, but it’s suspected that it will in some way support their existing streaming Playstation service.

In a statement posted on their website, Onlive confirmed that customers would lose their online assets when the service shuts. The only exception will be games that were purchased through Steam connected service. They will still be downloadable through the Steam Desktop App.

In truth, Onlive has had a troubled history and perhaps this news shouldn’t be unexpected but it’s a shame that top quality PC games like Batman Arkham City won’t be available anymore to Android users.

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