Lucy Hedges shows how to f’ing save money

Right, April Fools is now over… unless you’re in America, then it’s probably definitely still on. Either way, I’d like to state up-front that this is definitely an April Fools joke.

Lucy Hedges shows how to fing save money

This is the First Direct Swear Jar app. An app that runs in the background and detects if you’re spouting any profanities. If you do start effing and jeffing it’ll automatically transfer cash into a savings account.

The lovely Lucy Hedges, who I’ve never got drunk with and doesn’t normally swear like a trooper, has created this fake review of the app ..

Actually, I’d probably like to see it turned into a real application. If I could get that working, I’d have enough to get me to the Caribbean by Sunday. Boom.

Oh yes. Sorry, First Direct probably want me to point you to their website if you’re interested in their rather cool banking style.