Samsung E1270 Phone with £4 Credit .. Just £2.99

There’s many reasons why I shouldn’t want this. You won’t really be able to browse the internet, you won’t get any apps, it’s got no WiFi, no GPS and no camera.

This isn’t a smartphone. This perhaps could be a phone for a big night out, a camping trip, a day on a boat, a muddy bike ride or something similar. You can perhaps give it to your kids or an elderly relative. Why? Because it’s only £2.99, that’s why. That’s about the same as a pint. For some reason, I want it.

Samsung E1270 Phone with £4 Credit .. Just £2.99

It includes 25MB of data, 50 texts and £4 of credit on the EE network. You can then top up fairly easily for as little as £1 per week. Not only that, but because it’s a flip phone you can have a proper argument with someone and then slam the flap shut, just like the old days. Oh yes.

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