Kit: Powerbank Review.

It won’t be long till all the main manufacturers go along the sealed battery route. I have no problem with this provided they innovated in battery technology, rather than the most megapixels in the camera or the most pixels per inch in the screen. The way forward, however, seems to be a whopping battery in the device along with a massive high resolution screen, which counteracts said whopping battery.

Hence the introduction of the power-pack to keep your device topped up when you can’t get to a power point. Now here at CoolSmartPhone we do get our fair share of power-packs through for review. It’s the ones that stand out from the norm that are the ones we decide to review.

Good Points. 

  • Nice design.
  • 2.1 A output.
  • LED readout of remaining charge.
  • Auto On.
  • Multi device tips.

Bad Points.

  • Multi-tips are easy to lose (no carrying case).
  • Takes a while to charge (approx 8 hrs).



  • Measuring in at 70X70X 20 mm ( looks like a little Apple TV )
  • 6000 mAh battery.
  • Output 2.1 A.
  • Input/Output Voltage 5V.
  • LED indicator showing amount of charge remaining.

In Use.

The Kit: Powerbank comes with a short cable and 3 different tips – micro USB, mini USB, and Apple 30 pin, but unfortunately no Lightning connector. I personally don’t like these multi-ended cables. I find them fiddly and all to easy to lose the ends, and much prefer to use the standard cables for charging.

The advantage the Power Bank has over some of the others is its 2.1 A output, meaning it charged my LG G3 quite quickly. It took the G3 from 20% to 80%  in under a hour, and it was able to charge my iPad fairly quickly as well. I did like having the LED display on the Bank showing what the remaining charge is.


The Kit: Power Bank is a stylish looking device, with some nice additional features. I would have preferred some kind of carrying case, but I had a old camera case lying around which has done the job.

The Kit: Power Bank is available from Amazon for £29:99 but it’s currently less that half price at £14:50 which is a absolute bargain.