LuguLake II Bluetooth speaker and charge stand – Review

LuguLake II Bluetooth speaker and charge stand   Review

Some time ago, our very own Leigh carried out a review of the Lugulake Bluetooth speaker, which he was thoroughly impressed with, and you can catch up with the review here. Well the company have contacted CoolSmartPhone towers, asking us if we would like to look at the new improved version of the speaker.

The speaker is more or less the same as the previous unit, which for want of a better description is a speaker roll with a channel on the front that acts as a stand. The speaker is made from Aluminium that’s available in a variety of colours, this metallic finish is very attractive and does not readily show fingerprints. Being Aluminium, it’s relatively light, but designed to be stable. The stand can accommodate all sizes of device, up to a full size iPad in portrait orientation without feeling as if was going to tip or move in any way.

LuguLake II Bluetooth speaker and charge stand   Review

The minimal command functions are contained in a small plastic panel at the back. There is an ON/OFF sliding switch, the micro USB port to charge the speaker, a auxiliary 3.5 mm jack, and a USB out port so that you can charge your device from the speakers internal 5000 mAh battery. Volume and other operating functions are controlled from the device it is connected to.

The two 5 Watt individual speakers are located at either end of the tube and combine to produce a lovely, warm sound that is distortion-free and well balanced between bass and treble. It’s loud enough for the average room. I found that placement is important. Changing the unit orientation within a room allows you to select the best reproduction and naturally, the surface it sits on plays a part too.

There are a few negatives to using the speaker, albeit only minor ones. The flashing blue LED at the rear of the device is really bright and quite annoying with no way to turn it off. The angle that your device is held at is fixed with no way to adjust it.


This speaker surpassed my expectations and I cannot overemphasize the sound quality. This is a mid-range price level speaker and it represents very good value, because the quality is certainly more towards the high-end.

The speaker is currently available from Amazon and Lugulake for about £50