MWC – MHL bringing Smartbook to the market

Do you remember the Motorola Atrix back in the day. It was a brilliant concept but was fundamentally flawed. Palm also tried to get into this space with the Folio which never went any further than the R&D labs. Well today I discovered that MHL have picked up the baton so to speak. It is currently a concept as they are seeking funding to get the final product off the ground. The product is called Smartbook and here is a video about it below,

The OS that is running on the layout in the video is called Andronium OS and is available to download on the Play store now as a public Beta. However for it to actually work you will need to get hold of one of these docks, at the moment this is the hard part as the Kickstarter did not achieve the goals that they were aiming for. It will also work with Chromecast and i will be testing this once we return to the UK.

MWC   MHL bringing Smartbook to the market


The setup that is in the video above is the ultimate goal that is being aimed for and it is being supported by MHL. The reason MHL have got involved is they are the people being able to provide the connection between the device and the dock/smartbook. It is being run through an MHL 2 cable that allow simultaneous data and power throughput.

Here are some more pics of the implementations as they are currently being envisioned

This is something that I would really like to see being brought to the market and hope that they are successful in there development of the concept.