MWC – Xperia device’s hands on special

Along side the Xperia Z4 Tablet Sony also launched the M4 Aqua today at MWC 2015. This is a high end mid range device aimed at giving ta similar experience to the Xperia Z3 Range but at a lower prce point. Here is a quick hands on Video showing the handset off.

I have also now managed to get a hands on video with the Xperia Z4 Tablet showing the tablet of in its full glory. We also see how Xperia Connect will help you to be more productive at work without being distracted by your phone.

Lastly we have a video of the E4G that was announced a few days before MWC kicked off. This is a budget device that delivers great bang for your buck with all the camera features of the higher devices in a more affordable package

So there you have it some videos of the new devices that were announced today by Sony.