MWC – Acer announce a range of new devices

MWC   Acer announce a range of new devices
Today Acer announced a range of new devices. They announced the Liquid Jade Z, the Liquid Z220, the Liquid Z520, the Windows Phone based M220 and the multi OS Acer Liquid Leap+ smartband. They decided to make the event open to the public and they chose the smallest possible place to show them off one day before the big unveil at MWC.

So let’s have a look at what they’ve got for us. Here are the key points about each device.

    • First Acer Windows 8.1 Phone launched at Mobile World Congress 2015 – New Liquid M220 smartphone unveiled.
    • Better entertainment and more storage with Acer Liquid Z-Series – New Acer Liquid Z220 and Z520 smartphones unveiled.
    • Acer Liquid Leap+ smart activeband now with exchangeable strap and multi-OS support –Acer Liquid Leap+ unveiled.
    • Liquid Jade Z: a brighter soul in an impeccable wallet-friendly body – New Liquid Jade Z unveiled.
    • “Made For Acer Liquid” certifies Liquid smartphone accessories – Upcoming release of the “Made For Acer Liquid” program.

The most interesting thing from today was the smartband. Which has Windows Phone support. Yay.

MWC   Acer announce a range of new devices

More information will come soon, I’ve got a load of hands on footage coming in a separate article later today.

Here are the official press images for the new devices.