MWC – Sony reveal their new Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra UPDATE

It seems that, despite their best efforts to stop things leaking, Sony have slipped and overnight an image popped up on their Xperia Lounge app about the soon-to-be-released Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra.
MWC   Sony reveal their new Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra UPDATE

Silly name conventions aside, what do we know about this tablet? Well, it is going to have a 2K screen and be either 10” or 12.5”. For some reason I am leaning towards the bigger size. It makes more sense and it seems like it will fit into their ecosystem better at that size.

Other things we know is that it will feature a Snapdragon chip of some sort, potentially the new 810, as Sony have been quite vocal about their support for this chipset. The new chip from Qualcomm does allow the use of up to 8GB of RAM so we can expect an improvement over the Z3 Range here as well. I’m guessing 4GB.

Storage wise, I would expect this to come with at least 16GB on board as a bare minimum, but hopefully that is bumped up to 32GB or even 64GB whilst retaining microSD card support. Will we see a LTE version? Only time will tell, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
MWC   Sony reveal their new Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra UPDATE

We know from the image that the tablet will be very thin, just like the Z3 Tablet compact which just came out last year. Other rumours are pointing to this machine having some sort of docking keyboard which will support backlighting and will give a laptop-like experience. If this is true, I for one am going to find it very hard to resist as readers will know I have a weakness for Sony kit.

I think Sony are going to be aiming this at the higher segment and pitching this as a competitor to the Surface range and also to the oft-rumoured iPad Pro. If this is the case, expect the device to be in the £500 to £700 price-point.

One thing we can be sure of from this leak is that there will indeed be a Z4 family (as if there had ever been any doubt). Hopefully the X4 phones will be next.

All of the above is merely speculation as I have no real backup for the rumoured specs other than the screen resolution. These are just what I think would make sense for Sony to release given the market as it stands today.

I will be running to the Sony stand as soon as the doors open on Monday to try and find out more for you, so keep it here for the latest updates.

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MWC   Sony reveal their new Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra UPDATE

This is confirmation that the device is both coming and will have lollipop out of the box