New smartwatch able to measure your sexual ‘prowess’

New smartwatch able to measure your sexual prowess

Those paranoid about how gadgets and the internet is taking over everything be aware, a soon to be released smartwatch from Geeksphone is preparing to invade your nocturnal activities.  From the Spanish company that created the privacy-heavy Blackphone comes a new smartwatch.  It’ll look a bit like many other smartwatches with its circular design and will have the usual array of notifications and fitness tracking capabilities.

But this is no ordinary smartwatch.  For those concerned about the environment it will measure your ‘ecological footprint’, letting you know ‘how your lifestyle impacts the environment to help you minimise your carbon footprint’.  Exciting stuff indeed, but where it gets really up close and personal is in its other unique feature.

The watch will somehow track your sex life.  You’ll perhaps be pleased to know that it cannot automatically know that romance is in the air, as the setting has to be manually enabled, but once it is the phone will be able to measure frequency, duration, calories burned and a variety of other performance-related statistics.  If it isn’t bad enough asking your partner to pause whilst you select ‘sex mode’ on your watch, I found the idea of collecting such stats utterly depressing!

For stud muffins out there keen to measure their stallion qualities, the watch is due out this summer.  Further details at