Competition – Managing your iTunes Library with Tune Sweeper

It’s not often that we cover desktop software here on, but every now and again desktop and mobile worlds collide, especially when looking at tools for managing media.

iTunes is one of those applications that many iOS users have to regularly use to manage their mobile media, and there isn’t really any mainstream alternative to use in its place. Love it or hate it iTunes is still a fact of life.

Fortunately iTunes does a reasonable job of managing your music, especially the Mac version, and the iTunes Store takes some beating in terms of choice. However, there are times when your iTunes library may need a little tidying and Tune Sweeper can help, especially when you get your music and films from a number of different sources. As an example, importing from a CD, which can occasionally cause a number of issues.

From time to time you may notice that you end up with duplicate copies of tracks in your library, or sometimes you’ll find that album art is missing. If you then try to manage your files you can find tracks listed in iTunes that don’t have files present on your device or vice versa.

Tune Sweeper from Wide Angle Software is a comprehensive tool that can help resolve all this for you.

Competition   Managing your iTunes Library with Tune Sweeper

The Tune Sweeper Home Page

From the Tune Sweeper home screen several functions are available for you to tidy your iTunes library and make sure that your media information is as complete as possible. Using the tool is easy and self explanatory, I was pleasantly surprised how straightforward it was to use.

There’s 2 functions which were particularly relevant to my own library. I found that I had unwittingly picked up a number of duplicate tracks and I had a lot of missing artwork.

Competition   Managing your iTunes Library with Tune Sweeper

Find Missing Artwork

Testing the functionality to resolve this was simple and straightforward. The results were reasonably accurate but not flawless. You are given the opportunity to check the automated results though, before making the changes permanent.

Personally my music is important to me and one of the few reasons I use my desktop PC these days is to manage my music, and I was aware that I needed to give my library a little TLC but I could never find the motivation to do something about it.

Competition   Managing your iTunes Library with Tune Sweeper

Remove Duplicate Files

Now Tune Sweeper has done this for me, impressing me in the process and will genuinely become part of my regularly-used desktop apps.

In short, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it well.

Tune Sweeper is available from for a one of cost of £14.50 on PC or £13.00 on Mac.

The CoolSmartphone Tune Sweeper Competition.
We also have 5 copies of Tune Sweeper to give a way to 5 lucky Twitter followers.

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The Rules

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