March of the Droids 2015

March of the Droids 2015

Over the years “meeting up” with online acquaintances has become a thing, be it UK based Android fans, Coolsmartphone writers, phone manufacturers, random people you’ve been chatting to on Twitter or heaven forbid Google+ (they say it’s a ghost town you know?). One such meetup that I’ve been attending for a few years now is March of the Droids and this year’s event is rapidly approaching.

This year’s event is being held in Birmingham on Saturday the 21st of March at Birmingham University. You can get your ticket over at their website.

Each year the list of exhibitors grows and this year is no exception. So far they have the following things confirmed.

  • Dave Stevenson – Android collectable artist.
  • Asus UK – Showing off some of some devices.
  • Matteo Doni – Android: More than Google’s OS.
  • Mathew Bloomer Brack – NFC implants & Android (A practicle demo).
  • Honor EU – Showing off some of their new devices.
  • Three UK – Talking about networks and devices.
  • XDA – Talking about the world of XDA developers.

Plus to top it all off you can meet me, Dan, Ian and Leigh from this here website. There will also be members and writers from Modaco, Droid Horizon, Land of Droid, BeginnersTech, Mobile TechTalk, JoyPad Jedi and a few other sites I’ve forgotten. It’ll be a great fun day, where you can meet new people, meet people you’ve come across online, have a play with the latest gadgets, talk to manufacturers and generally have a really geeky day out. Personally I can’t wait. Tickets are £20 and are available on the March of the Droids website. If you go and you see me or the team with our fancy “Coolsmartphone” t-shirts on come and say hello.