Did you get an iPhone 6+

Did you get an iPhone 6+ recently or are you considering one for your next phone? If so then you might want you keep on reading.

Test’s have been performed about the amount of data being used by iPhones over the years. Now I am not saying these are particularly scientific tests or that they are specific to the iPhone. However they are an indication that the newer models do use more data than previous generations.

Did you get an iPhone 6+

As you can see from above the iPhone 6+ can use up to 2x the amount of data than its stable mate the iPhone 6!
This is understandable since the 6+ is touching more pixels on the pages so it can load more from webpages. I would also surmise that media content will be streamed in higher definition as the 6+ is after all a 1080p screen.

I would expect that this would also be true if you were to look at the Samsung range and any other lineup you wish to think of. I don’t however have any information to hand about those.

When you are next upgrading? This may be worth thinking about, as if you are looking at Phablets there is a good chance that you will be utilising those big beautiful screens to there best , for media etc.

If ever a statement was fitting now would be the time for it “Go big or go home” and with that dear reader I bid you adieu.

Source Macrumors