CarX Drift Racing – A Serious Mobile Racing Game with a Hint of Drift

There are many racing games available on the App Store, some take an arcade style approach to the genre others take a serious simulation approach.

Drift Racing from the CarX team is a free to play serious racing game; no downtown police chases or turbo boost power ups here, but its game engine has one feature which makes it stand apart – a physics rich drifting engine.

You can also play CarX Drift Racing on PC.

CarX Drift Racing   A Serious Mobile Racing Game with a Hint of Drift

Put your foot down

The game is controlled by a combination of device motion recognition for steering and on screen presses for breaking and acceleration. The first time you play the game, you may feel the game is a little slower than other racing games, but you need to remember that you’re racing on┬áthe slowest race setting.

You only have access to 1 car, 1 track and 1 race setting when starting out: You need to earn everything else. Every new car, track and race setting costs in game coins, and there are a number of ways in which you can earn them.

CarX Drift Racing   A Serious Mobile Racing Game with a Hint of Drift

Tracks are expensive – a real achievement to earn them

First you can buy coins through in-app purchases, which significantly speeds up how quickly you can unlock game resources but of course this is cheating

Secondly you earn coins by completing races in set time limits, with each course having Gold, Silver & Bronze awards. The better you do, the more coins you earn.
Perhaps most importantly you can earn coins by drifting around corners in races; the longer you drift the more coins you earn and you can even put drifts into combinations for extra coins. You need to be careful though, as if you go onto the grass verge during a drift then you’ll lose the points that the drift has built up.

The graphics in the screenshots may look a little simplistic when compared to some of its peers, but the visuals are are very clean and the gameplay remains smooth at all times.

You’ll soon notice that there are no other cars on track, with the exception of a ghost car which replicates your fastest race on the track, so you are always racing against yourself which is the ultimate form of competition. A nice touch is the ability to view an online leaderboard of the fastest laps.

CarX Drift Racing   A Serious Mobile Racing Game with a Hint of Drift

Race against your Ultimate Opponent – Yourself

An online race mode would have been nice, but ultimately Drift Racing offers a very personal challenge and those looking for a serious gimmick-free racing game will get the most out of this race.

Drift Racing is one of the few racing games that has continued to capture my attention, it’s a very pure racing experience with little to distract and pull you away from the intensity of racing against your own best times. When you don’t do well there are no excuses to hide behind.

Those who appreciate the simplicity of genuine competition will enjoy CarX Drift Racing.

You can Download Drift Racing for iOS by clicking here
You can Download Drift Racing for Android by clicking here