Could this be Windows 10 for mobiles?

In three days time Microsoft are due to announce Windows 10 for mobile phones to everyone at a press event, and although no new hardware is expected yet, the new version of the operating system is getting a lot more attention than ever before.

Where as version 8.1 brought us the option to have a background in the tiles for the first time, it looks like this latest version might scrap that idea, instead offering a normal background type style with slightly transparent tiles on top.

Could this be Windows 10 for mobiles? Could this be Windows 10 for mobiles?

The two screenshots above appear to be a leaked view of what we will see in just a few days time, but of course until this has become official we can only say to not get your hopes up too much just in case, this is the mobile industry when things can change in a single day.

Be sure to check back in a few days once the official announcement has happened and we have much more information to bring you.

Then the big stage for hardware will be just over a month away with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona being held once again, and CoolSmartPhone will have our biggest team at the event than ever before.

Images: GSMArena