WWE Network finally launches in the UK

Grappling fans rejoice, as finally after a false start the WWE network has launched in the UK.

Offering On Demand access to a vast library of Wrestling footage, TV shows and Pay Per View events, British Wrestling fans have been eagerly waiting its launch.

Access to the service comes at a higher cost then some expected costing £9.99 per month rather then the traditional $9.99 that other regions currently pay. Although compare that price to the £19.99 that Sky now charge for each PPV event and it seems like a bit of a bargain.

WWE Network finally launches in the UK

WWE Network is live in the UK

Smartphone and Tablet users are a major part of WWE’s Network strategy, and associated apps are available for several major mobile platforms including: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as most popular games platforms and Smart TV’s.

Having had a look through the iOS version of the WWE App, it’s fair to say that the sheer quantity of videos available is astonishing, and perhaps a little overwhelming.

The WWE Network App isn’t the most intuitive App I’ve ever used but after the find your way around you soon learn where all the content sits.

If you want to see if the WWE Network is for you then you can currently trial the service for 14 days before cancelling your account without charge.