Waytools Textblade the multitouch keyboard goes on sale

Waytools Textblade the multitouch keyboard goes on sale

This popped into my mailbox yesterday evening and I was instantly intrigued by it, as surely a small keyboard could not actually be productive. So I dug a bit deeper and then discovered that this board will use multi-touch in its 8 keys. Yep you read that right excluding the space bar the keyboard only has 8 keys on it with multiple key options on each key. These keys are not just some cheap nasty touch type keys they are fully mechanical with 2mm of travel. That is the same as the keys on a Thinkpad or a Macbook!

The board will work via Bluetooth with your iPad and iPhone and it also supports Android KitKat, I am yet to ascertain if it will work with Android Lollipop, I have asked the maker of the keyboard WayTools this very question and I am awaiting a response.

Here is a video of what I am talking about and it all becomes clear.

Here is a video explaining it in a bit more detail.

So there you have it, this is possibly one of the smallest keyboards I have seen to date and it actually looks like it works. It is shipping now in the US for $90 and I can only hope that it will be coming to the UK and Europe in the near future, hopefully with an increased range of useable devices.

For me it could be the answer I am looking for with regard to productivity whilst I am on the go and only sporting my phone or tablet.