HTC release HTC Internet app onto the Play Store

HTC release HTC Internet app onto the Play Store
HTC and many other manufacturers have published their apps onto the Google Play Store, it helps manufacturers release updates quicker and it circumvents carriers/networks for small things like web browsers or gallery apps.
HTC release HTC Internet app onto the Play Store

Obviously you’re going to need an HTC device to install this, which at the moment none of mine are compatible, but no doubt I’ll get included in due course. The app/update adds Text Reflow that adjusts the text on a web page to make it easier to read. They have added Read Later functionality, allowing you to save articles for offline reading.

Browsing is fast and smooth with HTC Browser. Text Reflow automatically adjusts text to fit the screen for different zoom levels. The new layout is clean and fun, and enjoying multimedia content is simple via download manager.

What’s New

1. Text reflow: Depending on zoom levels, text will be wrapped to fit the width of the screen for easy browsing.
2. Read later: Save an article to read later, even when connection is off.
3. Redesigned interface that’s clean and easy to read.

To install just head over to the link below using your HTC device and it you just might get lucky.

google Play Store Link – HTC Internet

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