Lie on top of us. We want to be in your dreams.

Now that, my friends, wins our “weirdest title of the year award”. Honestly, it’s proper click-bait.

We’d like to tell you about this pillow we’ve found..

Lie on top of us. We want to be in your dreams.

Inside there’s two hidden speakers and an amplifier. Plug your device in via the 3.5mm audio cable and, boom. You’ve got yourself a fluffy speaker! The Boombox iMusic Pillow is down to £27.99 in the January sales.

Get yourself one of these and then download our podcast and you can have a nice lie down, listening to our dulcit tones as we speak softly to you .. about…. smartphones and that. Then we’ll keep you entertained before you perhaps switch to some chill-out music and fall asleep, dreaming about Android, iPhone and Windows Phone (or Windows Mobile, yet again).

Lie on top of us. We want to be in your dreams.

Where the heck was I going with this?

I’ve really got to cut down on those packs of Skittles. They. Are. NOT agreeing with me.

* Wait, sorry, I forgot to mention that this comes with an 80cm 3.5mm audio lead, so plenty of cable. It also needs 4 of those AA batteries.

** Yes, we have unashamedly crammed in a mention of our fantastic and world-beating podcast. Still, at least we didn’t force in a mention of the Podcast RSS feed or our Twitter feed. That would’ve been too much.

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