Podcast 122 – I guess we’ll wait for MWC for a hands on

Podcast 122   I guess well wait for MWC for a hands on
Welcome to episode 121 of our podcast. Where we chat about what we’ve up to in the week, what we’ve been using in the last week, what we’ve bought or sold and our thoughts on the latest news. Joining me this week were Dan, Garry and John. Topics this week roughly revolved around CES over in Las Vegas and all the exciting things we’ve seen announced, so expect Asus, HTC and LG to feature here. We also talked about Three and their extended roaming plan, John and his Note 4, Dan and his Nexus 9 review, Garry and his eagerness about the new Asus Windows stuff, me and what I have bought recently and how we’ll have to wait for MWC for a hands on with most of the newly announced devices.

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