Encase Flexishield for Nexus 6

Encase Flexishield for Nexus 6

It’s case review time again.

Now that I have got myself a shiny new Nexus 6 it would be silly not to keep it in a case and protect the phone in some way shape or form. This is where the Encase Flexisheild comes in.

The case is not overly elaborate; it is a kinda “does what it says on the tin” sort of thing. The case is made out of a flexible TPU material that will provide a snug fit for the Nexus whilst not adding a vast amount of bulk to the phone. I have the Blue colour according to Encase but I think it more aqua in colour. It comes in various other colours which are all transparent allowing you to see some of the phone below the case.

The case has all the ports cut out that you would expect there is even a cut out for the “M” dimple on the back of the phone which I am finding more and more useful as a way of identifying which way up things are. I am beginning to think Google missed a trick and could have made this bit functional like the LG G series but I digress. The case has about a a 2 mm lip that is higher than the glass allowing for the phone to be laid face down with out the glass resting on the surface. Whilst this is a nice feature it does interrupt swiping over the screen, however it is an acceptable annoyance for the benefit of an unscratched screen. Unless you drop it on a rock!

The power and volume buttons are not cut outs but they are raised areas on the edge making them easy to find when the phone is in your pocket as they sit proud of the rest of the case.

Encase Flexishield for Nexus 6

Another helpful function of the case is that the TPU material used is very grippy against skin meaning that it will not easily slide out of you hand. This is always a good thing when we are looking at +sized handsets as they tend to have a slightly higher center of gravity and can sometimes feel like they are going to fall out of the hand.

I have dropped the phone with the case on and it did exactly what it was meant to do and protected the phone with nary a mark on the body.

Also I have tested the wireless charging with the case on and it doesn’t seem to have any appreciable negative effect on this all important functionality. You do have to be a bit more precise in alignment than without the case but it still works which is great.

Overall this is a good option for you keep your Nexus 6 in. It also an inexpensive option as it can be picked up for £5.99 from Mobilefun. The Flexishield case range is also available for other phones so check them out guys and girls and get them added to your wish list for 2015.