CES – Nest adds more connections to “Works With” list

Remember our Nest review ? Of course you do, it was the one with the Ford Cortina, which all good reviews should include.
CES   Nest adds more connections to Works With list

Anyhow, there’s more innovations and gadgets getting added to the “Works with..” list of internet-connected devices that’ll work with your Nest thermostat. A sneak peek from CES includes a washing machine and tumble dryer that automatically runs more quietly when you’re at home, a phone service that forwards calls automatically to your mobile when you’re not at home and a new “August Smart Lock” system which will set your Nest Thermostat to “Home” when you unlock your front door. Likewise, it’ll set your Nest thermostat to “Away” when you lock the door on the way out to ensure your heating isn’t warming up an empty house.

These new add-ins are already being used by 10% of Nest customers just 6 months after launching.

Other improvements include…

• Chargepoint – If you’re signed up for Nest Rush Hour Rewards, your thermostat can let your charging station know when energy is in high demand so you can avoid charging your car when electricity is most expensive.

• Kwikset Kevo – Kevo Smart Lock tells your Nest Thermostat who’s home and what temperatures they like. It also helps Nest know when no one’s home so your thermostat doesn’t waste energy.

• Philips Hue – When Nest Protect senses something’s wrong, your Hue lights can flash on and off to get your attention.

• Withings – Go to sleep and your Withings Sleep System will set your Nest Thermostat to a comfortable nighttime temperature. Wake up and it will tell Nest you’re ready to start the day.

More as we get it.