In the UK? Looking to get Google Glass cheap?

Come on now, let’s not panic. We’ve still got a whole week until Christmas. Plenty of time. No need to … wait… that’s not very long at all is it?

How about a cheap deal on the Google Glass Explorer Edition? Head over to Google Play and you can kiss goodbye to £1000, but Craig Clark spotted this discounted Google Glass for “just” £725 in his local CEX (you may remember us writing about them previously). It looks like someone has off-loaded their unloved unit to CEX, then they’ve put it in the window for someone else.

In the UK? Looking to get Google Glass cheap?

Interested? Head down to the Harlow store, you could still be in luck.

On the other hand, if you’ve got £725 floating around in your wallet just before Christmas, I’d like to be your new best friend please.

Editors Note

I have to lift the lid on this. Just how difficult is it to write about Google Glass? They’re glasses. It’s a pair of glasses with some wizardry bolted on, but I have to refer to them singularly as “a Glass” and “a unit”, but it’s not, and I should be saying “they are glasses” and “your glasses”. Grumble.