WhatsApp on top of your lap – or just on your laptop?

WhatsApp on top of your lap   or just on your laptop?

Heck its been a long time coming – and it’s been wanted for a very long time. Who knows why it has taken so long, but we’re finally starting to see indications that WhatsApp may be coming to our desktops.

So these hardcore guys over in the WhatsAPI-Official GitHub broke down the latest WhatsApp APK and noticed some highly suggestive lines of code that seemed to indicate that the dream of web-based WhatsApp messaging is in the works. Naturally, naturally, the subsidiary of Facebook pulled that version in a later release.

Interesting statements in there include “Are you sure you want to log out from all computers?” and “”delete_all_qr”>Log out from all computers”.

WhatsApp on top of your lap   or just on your laptop?

It’s not hard to make that conceptual leap onto what they’re working on. There’s no knowing if it’s just experimental internal code that may never see the light of day, or an accidental release of the wrong fork or stream or whatever on GitHub (no, I  have no idea how Github works). But please can it come soon. It would be nice to have this cross platform app gain yet another string to its bow, just like Hangouts, iMessage, Skype and the apps that allow text messaging on Android. It can’t come soon enough, so there’s no need to keep looking down on my phone when I’m working on the computer.

If you’re a big WhatsApp user, you’ll no doubt have altered the look of the application, including the wallpaper and your profile or “display” picture. There’s a recommended DP collection available for you, so that you can customise further.

Via androidworld.nl