Drivers fined for snapping photos whilst driving

Picture the scene. You’ve been held up in traffic for ages. You’ve got sunburn from the brake lights of the car in front. Eventually, after shuffling along on the motorway for what seems like hours, you see the cause of your misery. A truck, on it’s side and on fire.

Drivers fined for snapping photos whilst driving

Despite the fact that you shouldn’t and it’s illegal in many countries, you lift your phone off the dashboard and take a photo. It happens a lot more than you think, and usually the local newspaper will pinch your picture off whatever social networking site you might upload it to. We’ve seen it daily.

Drivers who did this on the M6 when a lorry caught fire were in for a bit of a shock when they received a £100 fine and three points on their licence. Police spotted the drivers as they passed the scene and recorded number plates. A total of 80 drivers were caught during an incident on the M6 in June between Junction 4 and 4a.

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