Coolsmartphone Podcast 120 – The one without James

You really won’t believe it folks, but yes, we managed to actually record a podcast while James was away. I’ve got a little tear in my eye and the pride is pretty overwhelming, I have to say.

This week we used Google Hangouts instead of Skype, so the world kinda span backwards and we all had to hope for the best. Garry and Dan joined me and we chatted about…

– Getting nearly 150Mbps on Vodafone 4G. Oh yes, we did that.
– The Nexus 6, what Garry really thought.
– Our current devices, plus a rather surprising revelation from Dan about his next purchase.
– My trip to Edinburgh and the gadgets I used to keep me productive on a train
– The OnePlus One. No invites now, but would you buy one?

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Plus you can watch the YouTube recording we did too. Nice huh?