A Texting Aid for Drivers – What is this madness?

You can’t text and drive…

Texting and Driving is Dangerous so you shouldn’t do it….ever…..so imagine our surprise when we received a press release which seems to promote an app to make texting easier whilst behind the wheel.

Available in the App Store now, the “My Phrases” keyboard uses the iOS 8 custom keyboard facility to provide a number of predefined complete phrases rather than individual letters. This allows you to reply to texts with a single finger press rather than having to type a complete sentence.

A Texting Aid for Drivers   What is this madness?

Driving Madness

In itself this facility might actually be a useful addition to iOS, for example quick responses for when you are busy, but to market this at drivers is, an all honesty, complete madness.

A clever aid for drivers but one that you can never use as intended because you can’t text and drive.

Please don’t text and drive.

No honestly, they sent us a press release and everything. They emailed us THREE TIMES to promote this crap. What are we supposed to say? “Yeah, go ahead, break the law. Download the app, then when you’ve got a text message, read it while driving, decide on the appropriate response, then find the necessary button on the screen and – oh look, you’ve crashed into a bridge.”