Charge all your kit at once – Anker multi-USB charger on the cheap

Everything seems to charge off a USB port doesn’t it? Your phone, your tablet, your fitness band, your smartwatch, your Bluetooth speakers and more. There you are, with chargers cluttering up the place and every socket dedicated to housing one.
Charge all your kit at once   Anker multi USB charger on the cheap

There is a better way my friends, and that’s a £19.99 5-port Anker 40W USB Charger. It’s got a massive £30 off the price at the moment and has something called “PowerIQ Technology”. We don’t quite know what that is, but it certainly sounds nice.

It’ll handle your iPhones, your iPads, HTC’s, Samsung’s and everything on between. Better still, if you whack “BFDEALS1” in as a coupon code you’ll get it for just £15.99. How’s that huh?

Head to Amazon for further details. Shove that in your stocking.

Update – Oh, OK. We’ve found out what that PowerIQ Technology is. It’ll basically detect your device and will provide the fastest charging speed it can. That’s up to 2.4 amps per port or 4 amps overall.