It’s 1AM, we’re on the sleeper train

Acer are sending me up to Scotland at the moment and I’m blogging this from the Scotrail Sleeper to Edinburgh..
Its 1AM, were on the sleeper train

I should be brutally honest though, and admit that I’m in the bar. The Scottish staff are giving me beer and I’m not refusing. It’s the way my life seems to work.

The beer has also improved the 3G signal (strangely) so I’m going to post this while I have signal. I’ve never been on a sleeper train before and it’s definitely a new experience for me. To have your bedroom next door to the bar and to be moving at the same time. It’s ideal really. More people should do it.

The only issue? The battery in the phone, which I charged up until I left at 6.30 PM, is now toast, so I’m hoping that the mobile charger I bought is hidden somewhere in my bag and I’m able to locate it in my berth… in the dark. With no mains power, it’s my only hope for charging this rather flat phone,
5% battery remaining. Better head back to the room…

Its 1AM, were on the sleeper train