OnePlus Two anyone?

OnePlus Two anyone?
It’s hardly a surprise that OnePlus are thinking about a making a second device, as the demand for their first phone has been rather high. Demand that was partially created by a ludicrous invite system and also by the fact they were offering a phone with great specs at a bargain price.

Well rumours are starting to surface about a successor, which they’ll no doubt call “Two”. So far the rumours only go so far as to confirm it’s existence, the fact that it will be high spec, that it will be just as much of a bargain as the original and that there will be a surprise with the hardware. Not exactly riveting stuff but enough to make you look forward to seeing what they do next. Especially regarding the customisable nature of the device, the original was meant to have a range of different material backplates made available for it, but those got knocked on the head thanks to manufacturing issues.
OnePlus Two anyone?
The OnePlus One bore a remarkable similarity to the Oppo Find 7 last time, could we expect something similar this time round? Maybe a bit like the super thin R5 or the rotating camera equipped N3? I doubt it in all honestly, the other grey area is whether Cyanogen Inc will continue to create the software used on the device.

Personally I’m intrigued by the OnePlus thing, the spec and the prices are what gets me most of all. I might like a second generation device from them more than I liked the original.

Source – PhoneArena

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