Adding a Joystick to your Tablet – a look at the Satzuma Joystick

A lot of mobile games have a problem to resolve, most of us are used to playing games with a physical control pad, and most Tables and Smartphones can’t provide that option.
Games designers obviously provide different control mechanics to get around the lack of buttons on mobile devices, from specific touch centric controls to virtual on-screen joypads, but for some of us nothing replaces a physical controller. Some games offer a Bluetooth controller option but there are other options, for example the Satzuma Joystick.

Adding a Joystick to your Tablet   a look at the Satzuma Joystick

A low tech option for gamers?

The Satzuma Joystick offers a low tech solution to a modern day problem through a small stick-on joystick which attaches to your devices through a small suction cup.
The information supplied with the joystick claims that it will work with any game that uses an on screen D-Pad that doesn’t uses a sliding motion, I was naturally sceptical especially given the price of £6, however the Satzuma Joystick provided a pleasant surprise.

When I removed the Joystick from it’s packaging I was impressed with it’s build quality and how solid it felt, but couldn’t see how it was going to work well in practice. Quickly firing up FIFA on my iPad soon put my concerns to rest, as after I got used to feel of the joystick, controlling the players was very responsive indeed.

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The joystick works in a similar way to the old fashioned digital joypads rather then the analog controls were are now used to in that you need to press firmly, but after you get used to this it works surprisingly well.

Will the Satzuma Joystick replace a physical joypad? No of course not…but in testing it was definitely significantly better then just using the on-screen virtual pad and made the games more enjoyable, which for £6 (from Boots) seems a bit of a bargain.

If you are a mobile gamer or looking for a gift for one then the Satzuma Joystick is an option.