Hey, what’s your thoughts on the new Android ads?

You’ve seen the iPhone and iPod adverts. They’ve been copied quite heavily by other manufacturers. You’ve seen the Windows Phone ads too, which are currently pushing Cortana quite heavily and showing how it performs up against Siri..


But, at the moment for me at least, the raft of Android ads seem to be popping up on UK TV. It includes a cross-section of people doing.. umm.. stuff. There’s a phone going into a fish tank, someone playing a game on a tablet, err… someone using a smartwatch whilst riding their bike (never a good plan that)… someone twerking… Basically they’ve cranked the volume up to 11 and said “ANDROID” a lot..


Want more? There’s another one here and here. What’s your thoughts? I’m thinking it’s a bit of a shame that we’re getting the American ad personally.

OK, it’s a good ad, but it doesn’t make my wedding vegetables tingle in quite the same way as the Audi R8 commercial does…


Come on men. That does something to you doesn’t? It makes me want to pick up a spear and hunt buffalo or something. I’m going to go and build a fire and smash rocks together while I gnash my teeth. RARR!!!

Smartphone commercials need huge engine noise and fire. Lots of fire… and engine noise…

Yes, it’s a slow news day.