Black Friday deals in the UK (28 Nov in case you’re not North American)

 Black Friday deals in the UK (28 Nov in case youre not North American)

If, like me, you couldn’t give a baboon’s buttocks about the US and Canadian traditions of Thanksgiving, you might have missed out on the associated shopping days and the deals that can be had across the Atlantic.  The idea is simple: for the Thanksgiving weekend most people generally get the preceding Friday and proceeding Monday off work, and so lots of shops have crazy deals available for ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. Despite the fact that we do not express our gratitude for the previous year’s harvest in the same way and we certainly don’t get days off work, various companies have cottoned onto the idea of having 1 or 2 day sales. Amazon and John Lewis have done this for the last few years, but now several other companies are getting in on the act. So, for those with itchy fingers and flexible wallets, the following sites will be worth perusing in the days and weeks to come:



John Lewis

Currys/PC World