UK Nexus 6 pricing revealed

Google have finally disclosed UK pricing for their new Nexus 6 flagship phone. It’s as expected unfortunately, which might be a good thing for some people, but others were hoping for a price similar to the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5.

Two colours will be available at launch – Midnight Blue and Cloud White. They also come in 32GB and 64GB configurations as seen over in America already.

UK Nexus 6 pricing revealed UK Nexus 6 pricing revealed

Picking up either colour in 32GB will set you back £499 SIM free where as the larger 64GB option is a little more expensive at £549.

Considering the double storage, £50 is not a bad price difference to pay, especially with the lack of microSD slot.

What we still do not know is when these will actually be on sale to purchase, although the latest rumour is 18th November for orders and 1st December for delivery.

What do you think of the pricing?

Personally I don’t think it is bad considering the specification you’re getting – a 6″ 2K screen, 16 megapixel camera with 4K video, 32 or 64GB of storage plus a Snapdragon 805 quad core processor. Add to this the fact that it’s running Android 5.0 Lollipop and you’re getting a top spec device, SIM free. No customisations or locking into contracts.

We are hoping to be able to get a Nexus 6 shortly for a full review.