Google Helps iPhone Owners Make the Switch to Android

There are several reasons why some iPhone users might want to change to an Android based Smartphone but is it as easy as it sounds?

There’s a common belief that it’s difficult to switch from an iOS device to Android, and this perception might put off those who would like to change smartphone but consider themselves to be locked into the Apple ecosystem, but perhaps help is at hand.

Google Helps iPhone Owners Make the Switch to Android

Google Opens The Door

Google have set out to help those looking to move platforms by launching the Switch to Android Website which contains a number of helpful hints and tips which show you how to move your mobile life onto Android.

Included on the site is advice for users wanting to:

  • Move their photos to Google+ Cloud Storage
  • Transfer their iTunes library to Google Play Music
  • Keep all their contacts on their new device
  • Use their email and instant messaging tools
  • Find their favourite apps in the Google Play Store

Most of the advice is straight forward but should be enough for most iPhone users to be able to comfortably switch to Android.