OK Google, can you work like the advert please?

You’ve seen those clever “OK Google” adverts on TV. There’s plenty of them and here in Old Blighty but one I spotted last night doesn’t actually work. It’s this one..

We’ve tested this particular scenario on iOS, Android and even the Chrome browser on a PC. The same thing happens, and it isn’t what the commercial shows. It instead just spits out a list of links instead of actually stating that 1 cup of sugar is 200 grams…

OK Google, can you work like the advert please?

Even weirder, the whole “cup” method of baking is actually (from what I can work out) an American way of doing things, so perhaps this works in the US but not here. Perhaps the makers of the TV advert just re-dubbed an American ad with an English accent and it worked in the US?

We tried tweaking the language but still, no dice. We tried contacting Google but.. y’know.

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