Lightning Rabbit phone cable review

This might be a bit of a short review if I’m honest. What can you say about that cable that arrives in the box with your mobile? One ends connects to your phone whilst the other either plugs into your charger or your computer for transferring files.

All the cables are pretty much the same. They have a plastic outer covering and usually get a bit tangled up. I’m not sure how that second but happens, but magically overnight my charging cable turns into spaghetti without me touching it.

So when a company offered to send some cables to review, I couldn’t really understand why. Everyone has one already, so why would they want to buy one?

The Lightning Rabbit cables are a little different though. Each one is a strong 5 ft. fabric-wound cable with sleek and polished aluminium ends. They come in some pretty cool colours too, and you can either get the USB to Apple lightning connector, Apple 30 pin, or the microUSB.

All of these, as you’d expect, worked perfectly well. I also like the fact that they’re 5 ft long, and using the phone when it’s plugged into a charger at the front of a car or a wall socket doesn’t mean that you’re sat on top of the charging point.

In the car it’s pretty refreshing to have a cable that isn’t knotted around my gear stick, plus it looked good too. The texture and feel is somewhere between rope and a shoelace – there’s no real knotting or chafing going on and it makes plugging and unplugging easier too.

The fabric construction of these cables means that they’re more likely to survive tugs and pulls or chafing. They cost between $15 to $20 from their website, then you’ll need to add shipping onto that. The price does put them into a designer / premium category but I’ll admit that they are very well made and durable too.