Lumia 830 released today

Lumia 830 released today


The first pre-orders for the Lumia 830 are being despatched today.  Last week we detailed some of the prices for the phone, but for anyone looking to purchase it the best deal at the moment is with, wait for it, Woolworths.  Yes, the long forgotten face of the High Street still exists, albeit only online.  Not the most obvious of places to look but actually worth checking out. The phone is available in black, orange and green, though the rear covers are replaceable.  The price is listed as £279.

For canny shoppers there are more savings to be had: signing up to an account will save an additional 10% if it’s your first order, and buying it via Quidco will save a further 7%.  If my maths is anything to go by (or, rather, I can use a calculator), that means the phone will cost £233, or thereabouts.  Pricing and details are here:

As a reminder, the Lumia 830 has the following specs:

Main camera sensor: 10 MP, PureView

  • Display size: 5”
  • Display resolution: HD720 (1280 x 720)
  • Processor name: Snapdragon 400
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 14.8h
  • Battery capacity: 2200mAh
  • Wireless charging: Built-in (Qi standard)

It also comes pre-installed with the latest version of the OS, and the new Lumia Denim firmware.