Apple respond to bendy iPhone situation

So, what sort of approach do you think Apple will take to all this? In the space of a week they’ve infected customers with a U2 album, then they had to promote an antidote to remove it, then there was a rushed update which actually broke phones and then..


Newspapers across the world have fallen over themselves to cover this, as excited owners of the larger iPhone 6 Plus complained that they’d developed a distinct kink after it had been squashed next to their hot thighs.

Now Apple have, at last, responded, and they’ve taken the, “play it down and hope this goes away quickly” approach. They have taken the opportunity to tell us about the testing they do before selling their handsets.

Apple respond to bendy iPhone situation

The grand total complaints received by the company is …….. nine. So, it’s either been blown out of all proportion or Apple haven’t realised that there’s more complaints to come. Either that or this is just some incredibly mad awareness campaign to get people to not put a large and very expensive device in a tight trouser pocket.

Apple today told the press that the iPhone handsets had stainless steel and titanium sections for reinforcement and that the chassis was made from…

Anodised aluminium, which is tempered for extra strength. We chose these high-quality materials and construction very carefully for their strength and durability.

We also perform rigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus meet or exceed all of our high quality standards to endure everyday, real life use.

With normal use a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus. As with any Apple product, if you have questions please contact Apple.

If I put that through the official Coolsmartphone PR-response translator I think they’re trying to say, “It’s your own fault. Don’t stick it in tight jeans and then sit down, you biffs”.

Anyway, in the meantime competitors are rubbing their hands together with glee. Several tweets have gone out from the likes of Samsung and LG to rub salt in the wounds.

LG are quite happy to bend some of their hardware for us…