StartApp – iOS 8 supporting Mobile Ad Networks

Developers! So, you’ve done the hard bit. You’ve made your app, you’ve crafted it, you’ve spent many sleepless nights ensuring that it’s perfect and squishing any bugs that might be there.

That, though, could be the easy bit.

Getting noticed out there on the  internet, unless you’ve got a big company behind you or pots of advertising money, is very tricky. Having your app distributed and noticed can be a pretty daunting challenge, and the guys at StartApp seem to be pretty good at fixing this particular problem.

StartApp   iOS 8 supporting Mobile Ad Networks

They already have over 125,000 applications using their system and paid millions of dollars to app developers. Whilst we, as users, might prefer not to have those ads, their system means that more free apps can be created and more developers can actually get something in return for all their hard work.

They’ve just announced that the newly released iOS 8 is supported by version 2.3 of their iOS SDK and developers have the flexibility to choose from the diverse range of ad types. Their unique ad units also fits the new iPhone 6 large size. It means that users will get more relevant advertising and, thanks to the way that the system operates, less intrusive adverts too.

Swift, the programming language Apple has only recently announced, is based on C and Objective C. This language helps in the creation of iOS and Mac apps and offers new syntax capabilities to the OS X Cocoa API and Cocoa Touch framework. This is supported in the new StartApp SDKvand there’s a great range of options in the SDK to ensure that you get the look and feel you’re after.

A statistics system will let developers see how their app is performing on an easy-to-use dashboard.  With the new iOS 8, new frameworks have been added for the developers of different levels of experience too, so if you’re a developer trying to find a way to monetize your app, give it a try and sign up.